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Buy For You Program

We want to help you buy your dream home with a cash offer. If you are struggling to get an offer approved, we can help.

Buy The House Of Your Dreams

Easy Process


Find your dream home and make a cash offer (with our help). If you need a real estate agent, we can help!


The Trusted Home Buyer purchases your home and you can move right in when you are ready.


Once moved out, sell your previous home and finalize the purchase of your new home from The Trusted Home Buyer.
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Who Is This For?

  • Anyone struggling to get an offer accepted due to contingency or perhaps VA financing, etc. - a CASH offer from us is much stronger and more likely to be accepted!

  • Anyone who plans to sell one property in order to be able to buy another. (Upgrading or Downsizing)

  • Anyone considering selling to an investor or home buying company simply to create the cash to be able to buy a new home.

  • Anyone concerned or stressed about the prospect of showing the home they are living in.

  • Anyone who has the income to buy now, but is not able or willing to procure financing right now.

  • A couple going through a divorce and planning to sell their shared home and one or both spouses planning to buy another home.

You Deserve Your Dream Home

If you would like to buy a house (or have a client who does) and struggle to get your contingent or financed offer accepted, make a cash offer instead!  

Once your offer is accepted, The Trusted Home Buyer will buy it for you with our cash, and you can move in immediately. Imagine a stress-free move, having access to both homes with no deadline, allowing you to move from one to the other at your own pace and with no pressure!  

And once you are moved out, you easily list and show your old home without worrying about scheduling showings, etc. And you may even find that as a result your home shows better, sell faster, and may even sell for more!  When your previous home is sold you finalize the purchase of your new home from The Trusted Home Buyer.


  • Cash offers have a higher likelihood of being accepted than a financed or contingent offer.
  • You may be able to negotiate a lower purchase price when your offer is cash.
  • Move at your own pace - you have access to both your old and new home.
  • No additional monthly payments necessary to pay for your new home.
  • Sell your previous home when it is vacant and easy to show.
  • Your previous home may sell for a higher price because it often shows better and is easier to show than when occupied.
  • This process will often net you more money than selling and buying the traditional way.
  • This is not guaranteed.
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What Our Clients Think

"Martin was extremely pleasant to work with. Very professional, very informative, open and honest in his presentation."
- Paula D

"If you want a company that is fair honest with the highest level of integrity you found it."
- John S

"I am glad I stopped in at The Trusted Home Buyer and met Martin. Both times I met with him there was no pressure and a sense of honesty"
-Jane Doe

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