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Agent Partner Programs

We love working with real estate agents to help support their client's needs with short-term lending options, cash offers, and our buy for you program. These programs will support your clients best interest while also ensuring that you are still able to work with them even if they are struggling to get approved for a new home (or sell their old one)

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How It Works

We want to help you be the hero to your clients - by helping them get the house they really want - with a much smoother process along the way, and in the end netting more money in their pocket then selling to an iBuyer or investor. And along the way we want to help you earn two commissions! How’s that for a “win-win”? :)

How We Can Help Your Clients

Short-Term Lending

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Buy For You Program

Our Program
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The Process Is Actually Quite Simple

  1. Help your client find the home that they really want to buy. And make a cash offer.
  2. Once accepted, your client will sign an Assignment Contract with us that assigns their accepted offer to The Trusted Home Buyer
  3. The Trusted Home Buyer purchases their home and your client can move in!
  4. Once they have moved out of their previous home and it’s ready to list, you list and sell their previous home.
  5. Your client then finalizes the purchase of new home from The Trusted Home Buyer

Buy For You Benefits For Your Clients:

  • Cash offers have a higher likelihood of being accepted than a financed or contingent offer. 
  • You may be able to negotiate a lower purchase price when your offer is cash.
  • Move at your own pace - you have access to both your old and new home.
  • No additional monthly payments necessary to pay for your new home
  • Sell your previous home when it is vacant and easy to show. 
  • Your previous home may sell for a higher price because it often shows better and is easier to show than when occupied.
  • This process will often net you more money than selling and buying the traditional way. This is not guaranteed. 

Short-Term Lending Benefits For Your Clients

  • Fix up the house and sell with YOU for top dollar
  • Get down payment funds for their new home
  • Move-in funds for assisted or senior living
  • Whatever they need, no restriction on usage
  • Fast: usually within 7 days
  • No Appraisal is necessary
  • No monthly payments (repaid when sold)
  • No lender fees (only cost for title search and docs)
  • Low cost, 12%
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Kind Words From Clients

“After finding myself in a life transition and a bit of a financial pickle I needed to figure some things out and traditional financing was not an option for me. I was referred to Martin by another realtor who said that if anybody could help me it would be Martin. Martin compassionately listened to me as I explained my unique situation and quickly began working on a solution. As a result of Martin and his customized solution things are quickly turning around for the better. I have since referred others to Martin and would reach out to him again for future transactions.”

- Steve S.

“The Trusted Home Buyer provided a means for my family to purchase our home. Lenders can be finicky with their “qualifications.” For us, buying a home wasn’t an affordability issue, it was a qualification issue. The thought of renting for another year just so we could get qualified was frustrating. We didn’t want our hard-earned money going to a different homeowner. We wanted it invested in our home. We are grateful for companies like this that made home ownership possible. Big thank you to Martin and Konni who helped us along the way.``

- Christopher R.

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