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At The Trusted Home Buyer, we want to make things easier for you. So, we will buy your house as-is, with a quick closing, and FAIR cash offer.


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 We don’t like all the fuss and fees, so we figure you don’t either. That’s why we keep it simple with an upfront and honest offer from a real human.

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Are you are ready to sell your house, get cash fast, and not deal with the headaches of renovations and home repairs? The good news is we are here to help with fair cash offers, no closing costs, AND we will buy your house in any condition.

Here’s the thing, selling your home can be costly and stressful. We aim to take away the stress and serve our clients with win/win deals that everyone benefits from. Our company was founded on the principles of trust and integrity so that means we can give you a fair and fast cash offer on your house. 

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Sell My House Fast in Phoenix, AZ | The Trusted Home Buyer

If this sounds like you, we are here to help. You see, we have helped hundreds of homeowners in your situation all over Phoenix, Arizona and Michigan. We can buy your house in a matter of days without realtor involvement. Selling a home can be complicated but we will work with you and walk you through every step of the process.

We understand the struggle and we will work hard to bring you relief. There are tons of reasons why someone might want to sell their house and we have solutions for just about all of them. We get it, being stuck in a home that won’t sell can be SO frustrating. Especially if you are facing overwhelming medical bills, messy divorces, pesky mortgage payments, or facing foreclosure. You and your family deserve to have financial freedom and peace of mind.

So at the end of the day that’s what we offer. Peace of mind, financial freedom, and compassion to your situation. We don’t see you as some number, we see you as an individual and offer unique solutions that will get cash in your hand, FAST.

We make things simple because the traditional house selling process stinks. When you need to sell your house fast, the traditional method will just be too slow. You will face months of uncertainty, hassles, repairs, and after all that your house might not even sell. Of course after all is said and done, realtors will also expect a hefty cut of the profits. So let’s make things simple, we can buy your house with cash and solve your financial burden. We put more money in your pocket and can buy your home in as little as 7 days.

Sell My House Fast in Phoenix, AZ | The Trusted Home Buyer

An Easier Way

Sell My House Fast in Phoenix, AZ | The Trusted Home Buyer

I think we can all agree that selling your home isn’t easy.

That is why selling your home to The Trusted Home Buyer just makes sense. We make it easy and effortless. We aren’t like other house buying companies. We are fair and will always give you an offer you deserve. We will never try to pressure you, offer you below what is fair, or lie to you. We will always be upfront, honest, and work with your best interest in mind because we believe that you can do well by doing good for others.

Unlike the other house buyer companies

We offer unique financing for Home Buyers

While The Trusted Home Buyer is known for buying homes, we also have several beautiful properties for sale. Most importantly we offer in-house financing options for each of them. Are you currently stuck renting and dreaming of owning a place of your own? Maybe you are self-employed, have bad credit, or just can’t qualify for a bank loan. We can help get you into a home you will love with very reasonable financing options.

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Phoenix Arizona | The Trusted Home Buyer


How to sell my house fast in Phoenix, Arizona? The Trusted Home Buyer buys houses in AZ. We buy houses in Scottsdale, Mesa, Glendale, Chandler and more.

Detroit Michigan | The Trusted Home Buyer


How to sell my house fast in Kentwood, Michigan? The Trusted Home Buyer buys houses in MI. We buy houses Forest Hills, Forest Hills, Rockford and more.

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