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Benefits of Using a Rent to Own Agreement to Sell Your House in Phoenix

Martin Boonzaayer

December 4, 2019

There are many ways you can sell a house in Phoenix. Instead of listing or selling to an investor for cash, many people are choosing to sell using a “rent to own” selling structure. This is a more non-traditional method, but it can yield high returns when done correctly. We outline some of the benefits in our latest post! 

If you want to sell your house in Phoenix you might not have considered selling via rent to own… but you should! This is a great way to sell for many reasons! If you do not need all of the cash from the sale up front, selling via rent to own can be a simple and lucrative way to sell. Here’s why…

Benefits of Using a Rent to Own Agreement to Sell Your House in Phoenix

Get The Price You Want

When you set up a rent to own agreement, you can think about it this way. Consider the price you want for the house. Subtract a good amount for a deposit, (this varies sale to sale and is always negotiable.) Then consider what the monthly “rent” will be. These payments (or a portion thereof) will go toward the price of the home. Figure this amount of the length of the rental term. Let’s say for this example it’s two years. Next, think about the outstanding balance owed at the end of those two years. This amount should be paid in a lump sum to confirm the actual purchase of the home. All of this is planned out before the contract is signed, so even if housing prices drop, you will still receive this locked in price for the home. For some people, homeownership might be more difficult. By allowing them the time to get their finances in order, many will be happy to pay full retail for the home.

More People Have The Opportunity To Buy

By selling your house in Phoenix via rent to own, you have the ability to get the house in front of more buyers. There are so many good people out there who want to buy but are being held back by something small that doesn’t look good on paper. Maybe they have a bad mark on their credit from a bad purchase made years ago. By allowing them the option to rent to own, they can get in the door now, resolve their credit issue, and get a loan to pay you the balance in two years when the rental term has completed. There might also be people who really want to settle down into a home of their own, however, they haven’t saved up enough for a traditional deposit on a conventional loan. Over the next two years, they can focus on saving that money so they can qualify for a loan to pay the balance owed!

You Can Turn Your Property Into An Income Producing Investment

Instead of receiving the cash up front for the house, you will instead receive a deposit, followed by monthly payments, followed by the remaining balance. Each month you will have income coming in. This is a great way to budget your money and plan ahead as you know what is coming each month financially!

Your Tenants Will Take Care of The House

After all, the plan is for it to be their house outright one day! Your tenants will have a tremendous sense of pride and ownership over the home. They will most likely take exceptional care of the property, lowering your maintenance costs. Many tenants in this situation will also make upgrades and other cosmetic fixes, enhancing the value of the home. (Of course, any projects should still be cleared with you first, and the proper permits pulled.)

Even If They Default, You Come Out Ahead

The property stays in your name until the final balance of the house has been paid. This means that if the tenant decides not to buy at the end of the rental term, you keep all money paid… both the increased monthly rent and the deposit. The home is once again free for you to rent out or sell! Of course, this doesn’t happen often, as most people want to follow through with the purchase after investing up front in the property!

Want to learn more about selling via rent to own? Send us a message or give our team a call now to find out more! 866-488-9923

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