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10 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your House to an Investor

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Martin Boonzaayer

June 17, 2022

If you need to sell your house quickly, you should consider selling it to an investor. Investors like The Trusted Home Buyer can even navigate tough situations like foreclosure, divorce, probate, or other issues that make selling your house very difficult and uncertain.

 In fact, real estate investors are some of the best buyers in the market because they can provide you with fast closing dates and cash offers that allow you to sell quickly without having to worry about fees, long months on the market, and repairs. With this in mind, here are 10 reasons why you should sell your house to an investor.

A Fast Closing Date

A real estate investor can offer a fast closing date, meaning you won't have to wait months for your house to sell. In fact, we offer to close in 14 days or less! Some sellers choose to sell their homes through a real estate agent and put their trust in them to find a buyer. While that approach is reasonable, it does take time – typically about three months or more from start to finish. So when it comes time for your home sale, you want things wrapped up as quickly as possible to begin moving on with the next stages of your life. 

Cash Offer As-Is

When you're selling your home, one of your biggest concerns is probably getting a buyer who won't expect you to make repairs. Real estate investors are often cash buyers and will eliminate costly repairs from your sale process. As-is sales are also ideal for investors since they have the time and resources to handle renovations and repairs. 

No New Listing Expenses

There's no need for any new listing expenses like signs, marketing, or advertising. The Trusted Home Buyer will work with you to negotiate a deal that gives you exactly what you want. No new listing expenses mean more money in your pocket and an easy transaction! Many investors will even agree not to charge you any fees but instead add them back into your cash offer (this helps keep your costs low). Cash offers also make it easier on your bank account – meaning that your home is paid off faster and you don't have interest-related expenses!

Sell Property Quickly

The quickest way to sell a house is to sell it to a real estate investor. Since they're able to close quickly, even if you are out of state or dealing with probate. This can be especially helpful if you need to navigate tough situations like foreclosure, divorce, and extensive repairs that will take time and money. Investors offer unique solutions to these situations because they can make cash offers that banks cannot match.

Avoid Foreclosure

Foreclosure can put a lot of stress on you and your finances. Investors offer a fast, convenient solution that doesn't put you through the hoops and headaches of foreclosure, either. Selling to investors often means a fast closing date and a cash offer; you could have thousands in your pocket in just a few weeks or less!

The process can be overwhelming, whether you want to sell your house through probate or avoid it altogether. A real estate investor can help remove a lot of the burden of selling your home through probate by providing you with quick cash for your house and working directly with the legal and financial professionals involved in your case. Then, if you need to sell through probate, we'll be able to help streamline the process so that everyone is kept in the loop. We can also avoid lengthy court proceedings and costly fees that traditional listing sites might charge you.

Working With An Investor Has Perks

We offer legal fee assistance, move-out extensions, moving assistance, and cash advances. So if you're selling your house and have a tight deadline or need assistance with packing up and moving out, we can help. Many of our clients use our cash advances for these very reasons—to get through a tough time period like a divorce or separation.

Investors Can Handle Tough Situations

If you are dealing with tough situations, you need someone who understands and can work with you. If your home is in probate, it's facing foreclosure, or you want a fast sale, a real estate investor might be your best bet. Most investors can complete their transactions within one month or less. In some cases, The Trusted Home Buyer can close escrow in as little as 14 days.

That's partly due to our streamlined process; there's no need for them to do an expensive remodel on your property—just something that will make it livable and safe enough for someone else for a short time. It's true: Investors tend to focus more on cash flow than home appreciation, which means if you're dealing with a personal situation like divorce or inheritance taxes (or simply looking for quick cash), selling to an investor could be just what you need.

Many of these folks even have their own fix-and-flip teams, so if your house needs extensive repairs before going on the market, that's not a problem.

Avoid Extensive Repairs on a Fixer-Upper

It's a tough situation: you bought a house but can't afford renovations and repairs before putting it on the market. Before you give up on your dream of selling your house, consider selling it to an investor instead. We can make repairs as we see fit and help you avoid living in a construction zone while preparing your home for resale.

For example roof repairs can get expensive. In Arizona, a typical roof repair may cost around $1,500 while a roof repair in Los Angeles may cost up to $1,800!

old house with broken windows
This may be an exaggeration, but, you get the point!

End the Stress

With so many people and situations, there are so many unique reasons why you might want to sell your house. Our team can help with legal fees, cash advances, and even moving, so you can stress less. 

 1. We Help with Legal Fees

 2. We Can Provide Cash Advances 

3. We Can Help You Move 

4. We Buy Homes in Any Condition 

5. We Pay Closing Costs 

6. No Bank Repossession

 7. No Foreclosure 

The fastest way to get rid of any property hassle is by selling it directly to an investor like us. When you work with us, we'll make sure that everything is taken care of properly, and that your unique situation is handled with consideration and care. 

Pros and cons of selling your house to an investor

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