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Martin Boonzaayer

July 15, 2022

Last month we teamed up with Homes of Hope and went to Mexico to help build a home for the Solana Muñoz family. It was a privilege to serve this family and build a space that will bring them joy for many years to come. 

Giving back is a big part of The Trusted Home Buyer philosophy and is deeply rooted in our values. We believe that blessing others, giving back, and making our community and other communities stronger is an important part of our mission. Therefore, our team brought their own families to help, so their children could also learn the value and importance of giving back and helping others. 

What started as a slab of concrete and a stack of supplies was quickly turned into a safe, cozy, and beautiful home for this family. We spent two days building and decorating their new home, and we were so grateful to meet Uriel, Ruth, Fabian, and Uriel Jr. After four days of travel and building, we ended the trip by presenting the keys and a fresh start to the Muñoz family. 

Meet The Family

Ruth was born in Veracruz, and Uriel was born in Oaxaca. Ruth and Uriel's families moved to Ensenada as children to find more job opportunities. 

Ruth's first son Fabien came from her first marriage. Unfortunately, her husband struggled with alcohol abuse and would not work, leaving her to fend for herself and her son. After a few years, Ruth met Uriel through a mutual friend. They started dating and fell in love, moving in together shortly after. 

Now, Uriel works in one of the local agricultural fields for $360 per month, and they have been living on their land, making payments for one year. Uriel built a room for them to live in, but the small space was not enough for their growing family. They hoped and prayed to get assistance to build a home that could give their family more space and stability. 
The Muñoz family was kind, gracious, and grateful. It was an absolute privilege to be able to meet this family and help them achieve their dream of having a space of their own. We believe everyone deserves access to safe housing and we will continue to give back and help in any way we can.

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