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How The Trusted Home Buyer Helps Seniors And Their Families 

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Martin Boonzaayer

May 19, 2022

Our team is passionate about helping seniors when they are ready to transition to senior care living. Our team members are Moms House certified and have been actively out in the community, networking with people in the senior health industry.

Our program was designed to help seniors and their families with one of the biggest challenges facing them in the journey to senior care, what to do with mom or dad's house. 

At The Trusted Home Buyer, we offer an easy, considerate, and less stressful way to sell mom or dad's house. We handle cleaning, realtor fees, and even offer money upfront to help cover costs for senior care before we have closed if it's what our clients need. 

Konni, our senior transition specialist, says that one of the things that really hit home to the people in the Senior space is that we are able to give the families a cash offer on the spot that caters to their needs. We are committed to helping families with the greatest respect and compassion.

Konni always talks to them about how we can close on their timetable, we will also deal with the "stuff" that they don't want any longer, and provide resources if necessary that will help with estate sales, auctions, etc.  

Last week, Konni worked with a local family who was in a tough spot. She had been referred to these clients through a local partner who had mentioned that the family needed the money from the sale of Dad's home to help them pay for the medical portion of the Assisted Living.

The family had planned on and had the funds to pay for Dad's living expenses. However, they had not planned on how much the medical portion of the fees would be since he was moving into assisted living. The sale of the home would be necessary for Dad to be able to stay at the Forum and be taken care of.

When Konni met with Jodi, the daughter, she explained that they needed the money from the house and fast! So Konni offered them cash close in 2 weeks with a $7500 advance so they would be able to pay for Dad's May expense.

They were so happy! Especially because they did not know what they were going to do with all of the leftover furniture and "stuff" in the home, and I told her not to worry about it!

This is exactly what the Mom's house program is designed to do, and we were able to accommodate their needs. At The Trusted Home Buyer, we are dedicated to helping seniors and their families navigate the journey to senior care, and we do so with integrity, compassion, and a true desire to help them.

We are proud of the work we were able to do for this family, and we will continue to help other families like theirs!

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