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How To Sell a House You Inherited in Phoenix

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Martin Boonzaayer

December 4, 2019

Selling an inherited home in Phoenix can be a challenging and emotional process, especially when dealing with probate complexities. If you find yourself in this situation, read on to discover valuable insights on how to sell a house you inherited in Phoenix, AZ, and navigate the probate process more smoothly.

Seek Professional Advice

The first crucial step when dealing with an inherited house is to seek professional advice. Understanding the status of the inherited property is essential. Consult a real estate attorney to verify ownership and gain insights from other experts in the field. Additionally, exploring resources like our website can provide valuable information about selling an inherited property. If your inherited property qualifies, we, at The Trusted Home Buyer, can offer a fair deal that can help simplify the selling process. Fill out the form on our website to get started.

Initiate the Probate Process

 Before proceeding with the sale of the inherited house, it must go through the probate process in Phoenix. The probate process involves validating the will and ensuring the rightful distribution of assets. While the probate process can vary depending on the jurisdiction and complexity of the estate, some countries, including Phoenix, allow for summary probate, which is a simpler and quicker process with fewer legal formalities. Once the inherited property successfully completes the Phoenix probate process, you can proceed with putting it on the market.

Consider Tax Implications

 As you plan to sell the inherited house, it is essential to consider the tax implications involved. The tax basis of the inherited property is its value on the date the deceased person passed away. The difference between the sale amount and the value of the property at the time of the person's death determines the gain on which you owe taxes. Understanding these tax implications will help you prepare financially and avoid any surprises during the selling process.

Resolving Disagreements

 One of the common challenges that may arise when selling an inherited property is dealing with disagreements among siblings or heirs sharing the inheritance. It is not uncommon for some heirs to favor selling the house while others may oppose the idea. In such cases, finding common ground and reaching a consensus is crucial. Involving an estate lawyer can be beneficial in handling any disputes and ensuring a smooth process throughout the sale.

Preparing the House for Sale

 An inherited property, particularly if it belonged to an elderly person, may require repairs and updates before listing it for sale. Considering the emotional aspect of clearing out belongings, depersonalizing the space, and preparing the property for potential buyers is essential. Hiring a professional inspector to identify potential issues and suggest necessary repairs can help enhance the property's value and appeal. While selling the house "as is" is an option, be prepared for a potential impact on the selling price, especially if significant repairs or cleaning are needed.

Selling an inherited house in Phoenix involves navigating the intricacies of the probate process and addressing various considerations. At The Trusted Home Buyer, we understand the challenges that come with selling an inherited property, and we strive to provide fair deals for inherited houses in Phoenix. 

We buy local houses, repair and improve them, and offer them to buyers looking for excellent opportunities.

Remember, selling an inherited house can be both emotionally and financially demanding, but with the right guidance and support, you can navigate the process successfully. If you need assistance with selling your inherited home in Phoenix, reach out to our team today. Our expertise in dealing with inherited properties can help ensure a favorable outcome for you. 

(Disclaimer: This blog post provides general information and should not be considered legal or financial advice. Consult with professionals for personalized guidance based on your specific circumstances.)

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