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9 Reasons Why Working in the Real Estate Industry Is So Beneficial

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Martin Boonzaayer

January 25, 2023

Real estate has been, for so long, providing a primary means of survival to humans. Being a primary sector, the demand for workers is constant. As a result, the real estate industry keeps growing, and many people want a piece of it. For instance, you can easily land real estate jobs on reputable aggregators like Jooble. However, despite its attractiveness, many people need to learn the full advantages the industry offers.

As such, we have collaborated with real estate experts from the international job posting platform Jooble to discuss the advantages of working in the real estate industry.

9 Reasons Why You Should Consider Working in the Real Estate Industry

When people talk about real estate, they think about being a real estate agent. Unknowingly to them, there are more jobs in the sector than being an agent. For instance, you can be an appraiser or surveyor. You can also be a developer or zoning manager. 

No matter the career you choose in the field, it has many perks. Real estate is an appealing sector from the great pay, flexible schedule, and numerous opportunities for newcomers.  

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1. The Pay Is Great

The real estate industry is a cash cow allowing everyone to earn their full potential. Most jobs in the real estate industry pay above $100,000. On the other hand, almost every position in the industry pays at least $50,000, and a real estate broker can earn up to $200,000 annually. This means that most people working in the real estate industry earns more than the average salary considered to be good in the US, which is $54,000.  

The most popular job in real estate is being a real estate agent, and they earn between $53,000 to $98,000. The considerable pay in real estate makes the sector attractive, as income is the primary reason many people work.  

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2. It Has Unlimited Growth Potential

Another great thing about the real estate sector is that there is no glass ceiling to stop you, and neither is there a sky to be your limit. The field of real estate market allows you to be your own boss, making it possible to grow and develop yourself. 

Also, real estate is a market that exists for life. Whether there is a hike or a depreciation in the prices of properties, the real estate market is still available. This means that real estate is a sector that can never be outdated, and therefore, you do not need to put a cap on your success.

For instance, pouring your all into a market that may not exist in a few years can be risky, making business owners have divided their attention on growing the business. However, this cannot happen in real estate as it is a sector that has always been and can accommodate any growth you bring into it.  

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3. The Schedule Is Flexible

As mentioned above, you can be your own boss in the Real estate market. And one of the advantages of being the boss is that you own yourself and your time. Most real estate jobs only require you to be in an office for part of the day (often even less).

For instance, a real estate agent has an opportunity to do other things and only attend to clients when they need to check properties, pay, or do any other necessary work. This goes for many jobs in the field, like being a broker, real estate lawyer, property developer, and property appraiser, among others. Time flexibility at work is a great way to get an optimal work-life balance. 

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4. An Underrated Option to Build Strong Connections

​​Working in the real estate industry means you deal with properties. Who else deals with properties? Everyone ─ the buyers, the brokers, the investors, the renters, and the leasers. These sets of people can include anyone from all walks of life.

This means working in real estate can give you access to the high and mighty. It can connect you with people who you may not be able to see ordinarily. This also means you can build strong connections that you can use for other purposes from working in the real estate industry.​ 

5. The Business Is Mobile

One significant thing many people seek from their jobs these days is being able to work remotely. Remote work provides an excellent work-life balance, reduces stress, and helps people choose the ideal space for them to work. However, not many jobs can offer workers the option of working remotely.  

Presently, just 26% of the American working population can work remotely. Remote works are majorly common in content creation, mathematics and analytics, and customer relations. However, the good news is that real estate can allow you to work remotely.

Many jobs in the industry afford people the opportunity to work from wherever they want. The fact that someone who works in the real estate industry can take their job wherever they want is a fresh breath that makes many people consider the industry. 

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6. You Can Help People

With the high level of uncertainty in other industries, dabbing into real estate scares most people. Also, the limited property option and price inflation affect many people buying or investing in a property.

However, housing is a basic human necessity, so people do not have a choice but to find a way around it. This problem, however, can be solved with the right professionals on board.  

Working in the real estate industry allows you to help people. While many jobs are created to solve one human need or another, real estate goes more profound as it solves a basic need, and its effect is immediate and direct.  

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7. The Work is Diverse

Real estate is for you if you enjoy the diversity and intriguing work. While you can specialize in real estate, choosing to work in commercial or residential property, the result tends to differ each time. Between traveling to meet a client one day, scheduling an inspection tour another day, and finding properties the next day, there is barely room for boredom.  

8. It Doesn't Require a College Degree

The good news is that you can get into real estate even if you are not the academic type. Most jobs in the industry only require you to have a high school diploma to get started. So while you may consider getting a degree to boost your range, the license is all you need to get started in most real estate jobs. However, jobs like being a real estate lawyer require a degree.  

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9. You Do Not Need To Retire

Most jobs require that you retire at a certain age. Retirement is mandated in some sectors as it is believed that older people are frailer and less productive. However, you do not need to have such worries in the real estate industry.

Most real estate jobs do not require heavy lifting, and you can use your years of experience instead. Also, most real estate jobs are entrepreneurial. You can choose when to quit or never quit as a business owner.  

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The industry that deals with the earth’s most abundant resource, land, cannot be faulted for growing at an unstoppable rate. After all, it deals with a resource that is available and necessary. Also, with a lot to offer young and ambitious beginners, the real estate industry demands the right amount of self-motivation, hard work, and social skills. 

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