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How To Sell A Hoarder Home

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Martin Boonzaayer

December 15, 2021

The traditional way of selling your home might work for some, but what if you are dealing with costly home repairs or own a lot of stuff. If your home is full of things that you have collected over the years, it can get overwhelming trying to navigate home showings, listings, and everything else that comes with the traditional method of selling. You want someone who understands your unique situation and respects your privacy and your things. 

Here's How We Can Help Sell Your Home Full Of Stuff

At The Trusted Home Buyer, we offer unique services for those who have accumulated a lot of things over the years for hoarders and homes that need more care and repair. 

We know selling a home that has been hoarded can be challenging, but here's how we can help:

We will take care of your stuff, whether that means taking over and clearing out the house ourselves, or arranging for an auction house to help you sell your things and a crew to clean it out. 

Typically we have found most families or homeowners want us to handle the cleanout and sorting through the stuff, so we can hand over your cash offer and take care of the rest, it’s really that easy.  

We will give you a fair cash offer, and we will buy your home as-is.

You can pick the closing date of your choice, so you have enough time to navigate the sale and your things. 

We are compassionate and here to help you. We will do everything possible to help ensure the process is smooth and respectful to your needs. 

How To Sell A Hoarder Home

How Does The Process Work?

First, you can contact our team to set up an appointment. We will schedule a time to come look at your property and calculate your offer. If you accept our offer, our team will work with you to clear the home and ensure that your things are taken care of in a way that you are comfortable with. You pick your closing date, so once you are ready to move, we will take on the property and handle any repairs or clean-up. And that's it. Truly we make the process as easy as possible. 

What If I Have Accumulated A Lot Of Things? Can You Still Buy My House?

We are experts when it comes to clearing and sorting out houses. We have worked with collectors, hoarders, and others who have an enormous amount of stuff, and we have a unique system that can handle everything from minor repairs to a full house. Your best bet is to contact our team and schedule an appointment so we can come up with a plan that you feel comfortable with. 

What If I Am Selling For A Family Member?

We have worked with individuals directly and with family members. We know this can be stressful, but we are prepared to handle it efficiently and discreetly. In addition, we have worked with these types of houses for over ten years, so we know what to expect, and we are fully prepared to help. 

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