We’re Featured in REthority’s Wholesaling Income Guide

Martin Boonzaayer | The Trusted Home Buyer
Martin Boonsayer
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This week, we were chosen to be featured in REthority’s guide to real estate wholesaling income. We joined a total of 20 real estate experts to share our average assignment fees when wholesaling real estate. Martin Boonsayer the CEO of The Trusted Homer Buyer helps out wher he can whether it is parting with his knowledge of the inns and outs of Real Estate or purchasing homes from sellers that need cash fast. Here’s our contribution:

Martin Boonzaayer | The Trusted Home Buyer
Martin Boonsayer Multi-State HomeBuyer

The average wholesale fee will be largely dependent on the area. For example, if the average home you are wholesaling is less than $50k, then your wholesale fee is going to be smaller than if you are wholesaling in a market with the average price of $400k (for example). “

You can check out the full article here: How Much Money Can You Make Wholesaling Real Estate? 

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