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The only reason we exist is to help you out of your housing situation with less pain, frustration, and time commitment than any other option. We know we’re not the only “game” in town… but we strive to be the most consistent, honest, fair, and straight forward company you’ll work with.


The Trusted Home Buyer



“My father passed away and we were looking for somebody to buy his house or somehow sell it, without having to put much money into it.”

I contacted The Trusted Home Buyer and they made an offer quickly that was reasonable in our opinion which required no out of the pocket expense on our behalf.  And it ended up one of the most seamless real estate transaction that I’ve ever been involved with.

I was very happy with the process, and I would recommend them to anybody.

The Trusted Home Buyer

“As the personal representative for my father’s estate, I decided to sell his house after he had passed away. With me living in New Jersey, working full time, and with the house being in Arizona, I was looking for a quick, fair way to sell.”

I had received several brochures from a variety of different real estate investors and called many to understand how they do business. Martin with The Trusted Home Buyer came to see the property within 24 hours of my call. He explained in-person how he approaches his business, coming to our meeting with relevant, specific market comparable and explaining how he derived his offer price.

Unlike other potential buyers who threw offers around over the phone without seeing the property, Martin and his team understood the value of a face-to-face conversation to arrive at a mutually agreeable sales price. The Trusted Home Buyer also showed good faith in dealing other ways: by offering a significant earnest deposit, by offering to pay all closing costs and by guaranteeing an on-time close.

Konni, the Closing Coordinator with The Trusted Home Buyer, provided extremely professional service throughout the process. She arranged a final walk-through (even though I was all the way across the country as it occurred). She was a liaison with the title agency to resolve any questions that came up, and, she helped expedite the closing to occur less than two weeks from signing the sales contract. I highly recommend The Trusted Home Buyer to anyone considering selling a property, especially those with a desire or need to close quickly, and/or who doesn’t relish the idea of paying out commissions to a realtor.

The Trusted Home Buyer

“We had a great experience with The Trusted Home Buyer. We would highly recommend them for your real estate needs.”

The Trusted Home Buyer

“Martin at The Trusted home buyer and his team were excellent!”

They worked quickly to help us get our home sold and cash in hand. When Open Door and other light companies wanted to help their offers were much lower and seem to take a lot more time. We were in a time crunch and had to sell as soon as possible, Martin at The Trusted Home Buyer made that happen. We were to closed in approximately 1 to 2 weeks cash in hand and did! I definitely recommend Martin and his team at The Trusted home buyer to come and listen to you and your situation firsthand and see what they can do to help.

Martin came to my home sat and talked with me about many different options at first he said it sounded like the other company was better and to go with them, but after trying and time kept going and nothing happening with the original company, The Trusted home buyer came right through and closed the deal just like promised and maybe even quicker. Thank you again Martin and The Trusted Home Buyer Team!

The Trusted Home Buyer


We went with the The Trusted Home Buyer to sell our home quickly.

We needed to get out of it fast and we wanted a smooth easy process. They do everything for us in a timely manner. We went to look for couple other companies we write to them and through open doors those were the two that we were looking for, and by far The Trusted Home Buyer was the better choice for us.

They were able to put money in our pocket faster. The process was very streamline. We are extremely happy and I would highly recommend their services to anyone who want to sell their home in a quick way.


The Trusted Home Buyer

“I recommend The Trusted Home Buyer, they deliver on their promises.”
My father passed away in late December and I needed to sell a home in order to close the estate. I met with investors who made lots of promises but did not follow through. I met martin, we sat down and had a conversation where I explained what I needed. We come up with an agreement and he stood by everything he promised. He even given me extra two weeks because I couldn’t move on the date that I thought I could. He stood by everything he stated and I would completely recommend him and The Trusted Home Buyer.

The Trusted Home Buyer

I’m very excited to meet with you! Here’s what to expect. First and foremost, no matter the size or the shape of your home I’ll give you as much money as possible for it and I’ll have it all on your hands in less than a week.

The Trusted Home Buyer will pay you cash and you don’t have to pay any of the fees or the commissions that you normally pay a real estate agent or title company. You don’t have to pay any expenses to sell your homes not even closing costs. No renovation expenses we buy your house as is, you don’t even have to clean it. We buy your house in any condition, no matter the shape, contents, location, or whether it’s even habitable but, most importantly we are flexible.

Every homeowner is different, it comes with different circumstances. I am more than willing to adhere to your needs whatever they may be cause I love helping families. The Trusted Home Buyer is very excited to meet with you and can’t wait to see your home.”


The Trusted Home Buyer

“When we decided that we needed to move to another home to be close to our family, I didn’t want to put a lot of time and money into remodeling, so I called and received offers from several home buyers.”

I later received a card in the mail from The Trusted Home Buyer and called Martin Boonzayer. After meeting with Martin, I realized I wanted to work with him because of his easy disposition and honesty. Part-way into the process, I realized I wasn’t quite ready to move by the date I originally thought I would be, so I called Martin. He immediately put me at ease and told me to call him when I was ready – no pressure. They allowed flexibility in closing, so that I was able to move when the time was right for me. Since I had spent most of my adult life and raised my children in this house, I asked Martin if he could show us the house when the remodel was complete.

On the day that he opened the house up for us to see, I brought not only my two adult children but also brought along my best friend who had lived next door to us for many years. We loved how the house turned out! The exterior was welcoming and looked ready for a new family to move in. Inside was like a new home – a brightened up kitchen with new appliances, a redesigned laundry room and pantry, all new flooring, and a lot of other upgrades. It was like a new house and was simply beautiful! If it was only closer to my family, I would have re-purchased it in a heartbeat!

Martin and his team at The Trusted Home Buyer did a wonderful job remodeling my home and making the process of moving on to the next stage in my life an easy transition. I would highly recommend The Trusted Home Buyer.

The Trusted Home Buyer

“I was in a situation where I needed to sell our Sun City, AZ house after my brother passed away.”

I called several ‘Home Buyer’ companies in the Sun City area and Martin Boonzaayer from The Trusted HomeBuyer was the first to return my call and the only one to have time to actually come to the house to meet me and look over the house while I was in AZ. Martin is very personable and made me feel at ease almost right away. I knew what I wanted to get out of the house money wise, but I also knew that Martin is in business to make money.

I truly believe that the offer I was given was a fair deal and I have no regrets what so ever in signing the contract for the sale of the house…and for my brother’s car as well J Once the contract was signed, Martin assigned Camille as my main contact with The Trusted HomeBuyer. She was an absolute pleasure to work with, whether it was to modify the contract based on my Lawyer’s recommendations, or having a few boxes shipped to me that I couldn’t bring home to PA. She was always there to answer any and all questions I had. If I ever have the opportunity, I would not hesitate to work with Martin and Camille again.

Thank you very much for a very painless and smooth process during a time when I needed it the most.

The Trusted Home Buyer

“We recommend The Trusted Home Buyer if you need to sell a home quickly.” 

My brother passed suddenly having purchased his home 5 days prior to passing. I have been a Realtor for 25 years specializing in Investor Purchases and Sales. We needed to get this home sold as quick as possible as the Mortgage Payments needed to be made which put a strain on the Family. Selling a home the standard way with listing, marketing etc. just would not work for us. Martin contacted us and within a couple of days we had an agreement for the purchase of the home. The Trusted Home Buyer and Staff are Expedient Honest and Compassionate. They understands that the family is already under a lot of pressure and complete the transaction professionally following the agreed upon Sales Terms. We were able to close within days.