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The only reason we exist is to help you out of your housing situation with less pain, frustration, and time commitment than any other option. We know we’re not the only “game” in town… but we strive to be the most consistent, honest, fair, and straight forward company you’ll work with.


–  Ernest S. 🙂

We found The Trusted Home Buyer online and we called themAfter half an hour we got a response to our call. We met up that day, discussed the purchase of the home and we closed an agreement on selling the houseWithout The Trusted Home Buyer it wouldn’t have gone so smoothly, we wouldn’t have sold so soon and because of them I can move on with my life now.

–  Marvin B. 🙂

Everything went SO SMOOTH!, SO EASY! and IT CLOSE WHEN I WANTED, THE DAY I WANTED! with NO HUSTLE! I was Very Satisfied, Awesome Job!

–  Verdell D. 🙂

The experience have been very good, the staff is good and all the people were willing to work with me. All the information I got seem to be honest and I never felt like I was taken advantage off, so I am very pleased.

–  Ruthanna B. 🙂

They offer me the price I wanted, DONE! Very Easy! I didn’t have to do any paper work! They gave me my money without any problem and I am Very Satisfied!

–  Julia G. 🙂

I would really recommend The Trusted Home Buyer.

–  Ray A. 🙂

The “Process is Very Simple”, the “Process is Beneficial to the Seller”, not to the buyer. Over all It was a Friendly, Easy, Professional Experience and I would do it again if I had another home.

I am leaving US and I Need My House Sold as Fast as Possible. The Trusted Home Buyer offered me the best way to do this FAST! and EASY! So that’s the reason why I choose The Trusted Home Buyer and I am Happy with this.

Q: Do we meet all your goals and would you feel comfortable referring us to anybody else with the same kind of situation? …

A: Yes, I actually Met what I want to Meet and I can actually refer The Trusted Home Buyers to other people in same situation because it’s Fast! – – – Easy! and Perfect!

-Anton R. 🙂

I’ve had 2 car accidents and is disabled currently. The House Needs Some Work and Just Not Able to do it anymore.

Q: What was your experience with The Trusted Home Buyer and how it helped you through it …

A: It’s been Awesome! They’ve been really great! They’ve helped us Immensely! . . . Basically! You guys were able to come in and get everything, paperwork and pretty much just move it along Quickly.

Q: How would you rate (between 1-10) your experience with The Trusted Home Buyer?

A: I would definitely say 10! It’s been great! They really helped me and my wife and my kids out! It was Awesome!

-Adam Z. 🙂


I had 2 houses and I really only needed 1. I am more of an outdoor type of guy, so I decided to keep the ranch property and sell the house in the city….

…. It (the house) starting to be a burden to take care of it and it really helped to get the house gone.

Q: How was The Trusted Home Buyer able to help you out through the process?

A: They made a good deal on it and made it fast. They also Gave me some Down Payment to Clear Out some Dept Situation with that house, that helped.

Q: Would you recommend The Trusted Home Buyer …

A: Yes I would, they Treated me Very Well! Very Quick! and they Did Everything Right!

– Rick R. 🙂

“I had to get out of my house since I am getting married. We didn’t need a 2 house income so I needed to Sell it Right Away and I sold it for what I needed to get over with. Now I’m on a nice beautiful home and I am enjoying life.”

Q: How was your general experience with The Trusted Home Buyer?

A: Very Easy … Very Slick … No Problems!

If you need your house sold? They are the people to do it Really FAST!

 -Howard H. 🙂

“I would recommend The Trusted Home Buyer If you need to Sell Your Home Quickly with NO Hassle. The staff are not only professional, friendly and knowledgeable but they also are compassionate and Understanding of People that may already be Under A LOT of STRESS and make sure that you are kept in the loop of what is going on with the sale of your home. Every question that I had was answered and the CLOSING was DONE QUICKLY & EFFICIENTLY.”

-Samantha E. 🙂

“My mom went to a lot of stress trying to keep up with all the repairs of the home.”

My mom’s house need a lot of work and repair, so we decided to sell the house. My mom went to a lot of stress trying to keep up with all the repairs of the home. She is 84 yrs old and it is too much for her. One day, my mom received a post card in the mail from The Trusted Home Buyer, we call and set up an appointment with Martin. We then decided to agree on the price, after few weeks later we sold a home. Everything went well as promised and we are so happy it move on. Thanks Trusted Home Buyer. If you are going to sell a house, this is the type of situation I would recommend. In the Trusted Home Buyer, YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

-Dorothy B. 🙂

“I became a widow very unexpectedly and had a house that had to go into probate.

During this process I was approached by many different people, but no one else would follow up with their letters or were just flat knocking on my doors. Martin sent me a letter and followed up with a phone call. Martin is very understanding, sympathetic and understood the situation and he worked with me very hard to get the price I needed. Once we reached an agreement he let me pick my move out date, and we closed on the date that was promised. If you’re going to sell to anyone in this type of situation, I would recommend The Trusted Home Buyers, you won’t regret it.”

-Holly S. 🙂

“Martin and The Trusted Home Buyer helped me through the transition of this move quite smoothly.

I had a limited amount of time, less than a month to make a decision, and we closed in 7 days. I compared his information from what I got from a Real Estate agent and selling to Martin was the best thing I could do, I got money out of my house and I didn’t have to worry about a thing.”

-Jeanne S. 🙂

“A couple of years ago I inherited my deceased father’s house, and found out that he was a hoarder, and just had a real mess we didn’t quite know what to do.

I got a couple of letters from Martin and after finally getting the deed signed over, I contacted Martin. After a couple of phone calls, we met shortly thereafter and he gave me a really good offer, so we took it, about a week in a half later we were done and didn’t have to worry about it anymore. It’s a real blessing just to not have to be concerned about it after 2 years of wracking our brain and trying to figure out how to sell a house. Thank you Martin.”

-Adrian C. 🙂

“I recently suddenly lost my husband, and was left with two homes with a mortgage, one was a rental that had belonged to my husband prior to our marriage.

I had a lot of concerns about finances plus I was emotionally devastated. As the personal representative I had received several letters from investors, and I was lucky enough to receive one from Martin. What really impressed me was that he had a presence with the Better Business Bureau and had a high grade, so I chose to respond to his letter. He was very professional, he was concerned about my emotional state, and we were able to come to an agreement quickly. And within a week we were able to finalize the sale of the house. Now I can deal with the emotional loss of my husband, and I don’t have to worry about the finances anymore and can put those stresses behind me.”

-Kathleen L. 🙂

I’m very pleased with the service that Martin provided for us.

He came to us, he showed up at the time he said he would be there, everything went smooth and the result is just wonderful. I’d just like to say thank you to him and to his company, The Trusted Home Buyer. We’re very pleased. “

-Aaron S. 🙂

“I live in New York, and my mother’s house in Arizona needed significant work to get it ready to sell. I was losing sleep and worrying because I didn’t have the money or outright time to fix up the property and I didn’t know what to do. I responded to Martin’s letter and he bought the house for a very fair price. He even took care of all the contents of the house and donated them to Goodwill for us. The whole process only took 5 days and I didn’t have to go back to Phoenix!”

-Patti S. 🙂

“Martin took care of EVERYTHING for me!

My father was a hoarder and didn’t take care of his home.

It was so bad my wife refused to go inside. There were also some title issues with the property.

Martin took care of everything including cleaning out the property. Instead of having a bad Christmas, we had a ‘Cash Christmas’!

-Morgan F. 🙂


Hi, Martin knows the values of houses in the area and what this house was worth. Martin made me a fair offer on it. Within a week and half or so, we were able to close.

This was the easiest real estate transaction that I have ever done

I’m completely happy and I would recommend Martin to anyone in a similar situation, who wants to move a property and not go through a lot of hassles. It’s been an easy and enjoyable experience.

-Chuck 🙂

This is a recommendation for Martin Boonzaayer with The Trusted Home Buyer.


-Steven G. 🙂

Hello, MLeer-testimonial-housey name is Annette L. Martin Boonzaayer recently purchased a home from me which was part of my mother’s estate.

Not only was he friendly and professional, but he spent hours doing research on the area finding homes that were comparable for the area, and I appreciated that.

He finally in the end offered me an amount of money that I thought was very fair. What I was also impressed with is that the contract was very straightforward and simple to understand and everything went forward and closed without any hassle.


-Annette L. 🙂

Hello, my name is Marty B. This is a Testimonial for Martin Boonzaayer, The Trusted Home Buyer.

I was living in an estate property for a period of time and the opportunity came to move which was going to be very important for my career. So at that time I began making some phone calls to the many post cards (and letters) that I had received in the mail – offering to purchase this property.

I took the interviews, listened to the quotes and offers, and at the end, Martin’s offer was so clearly “head and shoulders” above the rest. But not only that, I had been in the market for new homes, looking at properties, and I found that the offer Martin had made was very fair. Clearly not at a retail price (because the property needs some work).

But, I needed to do something fairly quickly. So we made arrangements and planned to close in about 30 days. Suddenly the window of opportunity for me to move became even more ideal if it were only 10 days away.

So, I asked Martin and he was completely on board. And so we did, it was awesome! “Thank you Martin!” Very flexible. It also afforded me the opportunity to lighten my load of quite a few things. Martin said I could leave whatever I didn’t want behind.

Certainly, there were things I left that I could have perhaps sold at a garage sale, but in this case, it was far easier and far more profitable just to move forward. Get it done, as they say.

So we did.

Thank you very much, Martin.

For anyone watching (or reading this), I can’t recommend anything for you whether you should or shouldn’t do anything. But I can say that I am truly very grateful to Martin Boonzaayer.

His helpfulness and flexibility are fantastic!

Thank you and God Bless.


-Marty B. 🙂