I had some debt and when my husband past away, I stop caring about the house which we lived in it for 20 years and I didn’t take care of it very much after that and by a year 1/2 later my dad past away and I just lost my motivation and let the house go. “I had some debt and I really wasn’t sure how to go about it, to get an equity loan or sell it, I didn’t know what to do. After researching for some home buyers, I came across with The Trusted Home Buyer and I thought, okay, I’ll give them a shot, I actually tried someone before but it didn’t work out. Joel came and met with me and explained things to me, on what they could do and what they couldn’t do and I like what they offered so I went ahead and did it. The experience have been very good, the staff is good and all the people were willing to work with me. All the information I got seem to be honest and I never felt like I was taken advantage off, so I am very pleased.

–  Verdell D. 🙂