Looking to Participate In The Real Estate Investing? Real Estate Investing Opportunities in Phoenix to Earn Solid Returns On Your Hard Earned Dollars?

Hi, my name is Martin Boonzaayer. My father came to America with just $40 in his pocket. He instilled in me a drive and determination — the qualities that helped propel me to become an Olympic Judo competitor and then to pursue a career in the high-paying world of high-tech. He also instilled in me the American Dream — the same dream that attracted him to this country in the first place — and an entrepreneurial spirit. I wanted to start my own business and I wanted to help others. So I turned my back on a lucrative computer career and started helping homeowners in distress who needed to get out of their unwanted real estate, AND I started helping investors like you who needed to find compelling real estate investments that could be turned into rentals, flips, etc. I applied the same skills I used to excel as an Olympic competitor to my work as an investor, buying and selling real estate in Phoenix and surrounding area.

If you’re interested in learning more about me or my company, The Trusted Home Buyer, and the Phoenix real estate investment opportunities available (to partner with us or to purchase outright, or if you’re looking for an alternative to the stock market)… just complete the short info form below or give us a call at 866-488-9923 to learn about the options we offer.

We’ll send you information about our company and connect with you to chat about your goals, show you what we do, and see if there’s a fit.

This is not a solicitation or offer of securities. Investment in The Trusted Home Buyer is offered only to qualified investors through a written Investment Agreement or Private Placement Memorandum.

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