How To Keep Your Furniture Safe When Moving

Martin Boonzaayer | The Trusted Home Buyer
Martin Boonsayer
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Anyone who has relocated from one house to another for at least once in their lives would know that one of its most challenging parts is moving furniture safely. Bulky and heavy couches, tables, and beds can be dangerous even for Phoenix movers who are already quite experienced at moving them from Point A to Point B. We’ve heard of furniture sustaining scratches, tears, chips or even breaks during the move, and you certainly wouldn’t want anything like that to happen to you. To prevent that from happening, here are some tips that should help keep your furniture safe when moving.

Do some measuring

Are you sure that big couch will fit through your front door? Take some measurements of doorways and hallways to be sure. We’re not just talking about the house you’re going to leave, but the place you’re moving into as well. With those measurements in hand, you will be able to prepare alternative measures before the big day comes. You should also do the same if you’re going to have to deal with a flight of stairs.

Give your furniture some degree of protection

Thankfully, the manufacturing gods have seen fit to produce materials that we will need to protect our furniture during the moving process. Packing materials such as heavy-duty blankets, bubble wrap, mattress covers, sealable plastic bags and shrink wrap are readily available in stores, and they do give furniture the protection they need when moving.

Bubble wrap should be perfect for protecting wooden furniture. Use lots of bubble wrap to ensure it gets to your new home without scratches and dents. For your couches and other upholstered furniture, shrink wrap would be up to the job. Your mattresses, meanwhile, can be protected by special mattress covers.

Give your furniture a wipe down

You can be sure that dirt, debris, and coarse particles have accumulated on your furniture after years of use. To a certain extent, all that dirt can cause some damage to your things, so you will have to use a damp cloth to wipe your furniture’s surface clean. If you have a working vacuum cleaner, then that would be even better. Doing would also mean you won’t be bringing old dirt into your new place.

Disassemble your furniture

Can your furniture be disassembled? If so, then you should take it apart to make things so much easier. However, before dismantling the whole thing, it would be to your benefit if you study the manual first, that is, if it’s still around. Taking a video of yourself taking it apart would be great, too. It will also help if you put smaller pieces of the furniture in clearly labeled, sealable bags.

Pack them properly in the truck

While in transit, everything inside the moving truck would shift to a certain degree. While you cannot completely prevent things from shifting the entire time, you can at least pack your furniture in the truck in a way that would minimize it. Load the biggest furniture first, then use the smaller ones to fill the empty spaces. Placing cardboard or blankets between each piece should then make things a little snugger and reduce the possibility of scratches and dents even further.

Hire movers

Whatever tricks are there to moving furniture safely, it is safe to assume that professional movers know them all, and more. While there is no guarantee that no damage will ever happen, you can take comfort in the fact that a legitimate moving company has insurance, and that will compensate you for any damage.

While you have the option to move all your belongings by yourself, getting the services of a professional moving company will always be a much better way to keep your furniture safe during the moving process.

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