House Of Hope – The Service Of Building Up A House – with The Grace Of God

Martin Boonzaayer | The Trusted Home Buyer
Martin Boonsayer
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This House Is Built On Solid Rock!

Martin & His Son Travelling To Mexico
Martin & His Son Showing Their Happy Moments Of Helping Build A Home
Let The Work Begin!
Everyone Is Busy Working With In Their Own Simple Way
Almost Done!
Finally – With God’s Grace – Project Completed

We are so excited to share with you this AMAZING experience we recently had! Our fearless leader and his son, along with their ministry group recently went to Ensenada, Mexico and built this home for this family in a mere 2 daysPretty unbelievable, huh?

He’s still walking around the office a week later shedding his sunburned skin on us, but we’re willing to overlook it because of the generosity of Martin, his family and the ministry! Truly there is strength in numbers and by the grace of the Almighty, anything is possible!

For it would take a skilled builder to construct a nice house but only a blessed hand can make it a home!

To view more about this event, check out this video clip. Click on the video below

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