Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your Home In Phoenix

Maybe you have a few questions. No problem! Many people have questions about the process of selling their Phoenix home. That’s why we’re here to help you understand the process by answering all of your most pressing questions in our honest, transparent way. Here are the most common questions we’re asked, along with our answers. (And hey, if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call — Martin or one of his other team members will gladly reach out to you and answer it for you.)

Q:  Why do you buy houses?
A:  This is Martin’s favorite question to answer! When his father came to America, he had just $40 in his pocket. He taught Martin the values of hard work, discipline, and determination — all of which helped to propel Martin to become an Olympic champion! Although Martin had extensive education in the high tech industry, he wanted to give back by helping homeowners who were struggling with their real estate problems. It was an opportunity for him to serve other people and apply all the same skills he learned from his father to help other people. Learn more about Martin here.

Q:  Are you going to buy my Phoenix house or list it on the MLS?
A:  We get this question a lot. Here’s the deal: We’re not agents and we don’t represent home sellers, which means: we don’t list houses. Rather, we are professional home buyers: We buy houses Phoenix that meet our specific criteria for what we’re looking for in a property. Once we’ve bought your house, we may repair it and rent it out or we might sell it to someone else.

Q:  Do you pay fair prices for the properties you buy?
A: We specialize in helping families who are experiencing frustration with their real estate or who no longer want a their house. We offer valuable benefits like fast closes, plus we pay cash, and we buy houses in any condition. Since we believe that everyone can win, we offer these valuable benefits and, in exchange, as for a fair discount on the property. (The truth is: our customers love it because they prefer the assurance of a cash offer and a fast close over having to pay to fix up the property and then waiting to get their asking price on the market). In our experience, most of the sellers we work with aren’t expecting a “windfall” price on their house — they’re happy that we can take care of everything so quickly and without agent fees. While this solution may not be for everyone, it’s perfect for homeowners who want to sell their Phoenix property fast, for cash, regardless of the condition. Let’s see if we can come to a fair win-win price for YOUR house. (One more thing: We’ll never pressure you into anything. You remain firmly in control thanks to our no-obligation offer. If you don’t like the offer, don’t accept it. It’s that easy!)

[DOWNLOAD our free guide that walks you through the Pros and Cons (plus the cost and timeline) of selling your house to a real estate investor… plus learn the pros, cons, and costs of the other two alternatives… listing with an agent or selling it yourself. Head on over here download your free guide <<]

Q:  How do you determine the price to offer on my house?
A:  Great question, and we’re happy to answer this because we’re committed to total transparency: We keep our process pretty simple: First, we look at the location of your house to make sure it’s in the areas that we’re buying. Second, we look at what repairs need to be done on the property (we love buying houses in ANY condition). Third, we look at what other houses in the area have sold for recently. There are many other pieces of information we take into consideration, too, including what housing prices are like in your area. We put all of this information together and then offer you a fair cash price that we believe is a win/win offer for both of us. Martin says that’s the only way to work!

Q:  Are there any fees or commissions to work with you?
A: We love getting this question because the answer is NO! That’s right, there are NO fees or commissions when you sell your Phoenix house to us. This huge benefit is what helps to set us apart from the traditional method of selling your home: Traditionally, you’ll meet an agent, they’ll tell you that you have to spend your money and time to fix up your house so it will sell. Then, after you repair it, they’ll list it and you’ll wait for someone to make you an offer… and then you’ll wait to see if the buyer’s check clears. And if the buyer’s check clears, you pay the agent a commission or fee for the work they did. That’s the traditional way. Here’s how we do it: We make a fair offer, we close right away, and we pay cash for your house. There are no fees or commissions, and we’ll even often pay the closing costs, too! It’s fast, easy, you don’t have to waste your time making repairs or wondering if someone will put an offer on your house. We’ll pay for the repairs ourselves (and then any money we make on the house after the repairs is our profit for the deal — that’s how we work). It doesn’t get better than that!

Q:  How are you different from a real estate agent?
A: People often confuse us with real estate agents but there is a significant difference: real estate agents represent sellers (that’s what makes them “agents”) and they list properties in the hopes that someone else buys the property. They’ll market the property and show it to prospective buyers. If someone buys the property, you pay the agent a commission… anywhere from 3% to 6% of the sale price (so a $100,000 house will cost you between $3,000 and $6,000 in commissions to an agent). Agents provide a great service for those that can wait 6-12 months to sell and who don’t mind giving up some of that sale price to pay for the commissions. But that’s where we’re different: We buy houses with our own money — we’re not agents. We don’t list houses, we buy them! That means we pay with all cash and we’ll know right away if we want to buy your house or not (so you don’t have to show the house to a bunch of buyers or wait for a check to clear). And the best part is? We buy houses in any condition!

Q:  Is there any obligation when I submit my info?
A: No. When you submit your information to us, you’re just letting us know a bit about your property so we can make you a no-obligation cash offer. Once we make the offer, it’s entirely up to you to decide whether you want to take our offer or not… you are free to walk away if you want. Martin has built The Trusted Home Buyer on the principles of honesty, determination, and fairness… the same principles that he used to become an Olympic champion. So please each out to us when you want to sell… we’d love to buy your home Phoenix!


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