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Fitness and Health: Congratulations Heather!

Martin Boonzaayer

December 4, 2019

The Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series.

Started in 1998, the Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series is fueled by each runner’s journey. The marathon course is infused with live bands and cheer-teams and creates a block-party atmosphere making running more fun for both the participants and spectators. The Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series is about celebrating running and all of the moments worth running for.

Celebrating running and the moments worth running for…

During the 2017 Rock n’ Roll Arizona Marathon Series, Heather our co-employee, joined to celebrate running and the moments worth running for. The 2017 Rock n’ Roll Arizona Marathon Series and Heather reminds us that there are healthier and simpler ways to celebrate our memorable moments, successes, and important milestones in life and work. As Heather ran and finished the marathon simply for the beauty of running and the moments worth running for we must also honestly and truly genuinely serve our clients simply for the beauty of serving our clients and creating win-win deals for them.

Fitness and Health: Congratulations Heather!
Heather fully energized as she completed her 10k run. 🙂 Heather has completed 4 1/2 marathon run so far – Arizona, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego. (NOTE: She plans on running at San Francisco next.)

Why we run for good causes?

Founded and managed by the principles of trust and integrity, The Trusted Home Buyer believes that you can do well by doing good for others. Our goal is to create win-win deals wherein both clients from each side of the transaction benefit from. As employees of this company, in order for us to serve our clients well and be a “beacon of positivity and possibility”, we always strive to exemplify the importance of the value of drive, determination, discipline, honesty, integrity, hard work, and entrepreneurship.

Looking forward in amplifying more great people and participating in more good causes!

The Trusted Home Buyer aims to continue giving focus on us living and delivering our Core Values within our team and clients, creating fun into our company, and becoming a “beacon of positivity and possibility” for our customers and community and will continue to run for good causes and amplify great people simply for the cause and people. We run simply because we honestly and truly genuinely care.

Fitness and Health: Congratulations Heather!
Heather with The Boys take a post as they wear the 10k medal.
Fitness and Health: Congratulations Heather!
Looking good and stretching through smile on the flash before they Rock n Roll!

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