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Best places to live in Arizona

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Martin Boonzaayer

December 2, 2020

Whether you are already living in Arizona or thinking about relocating to our beautiful state, this guide is perfect for you. Arizona is full of beautiful sights, rich culture, and great for families. You can live in a busy city, a rural oasis, or even in the mountains. To put it simply, there is something for everyone in Arizona. Arizona has a population of 7.279 million and 320 sunny days per year. There is something for everyone here, whether you like an artsy scene, hiking, or fine dining. Arizona has an excellent public transportation system, tons of entertainment, and gorgeous lakes to enjoy. 

Name: Paradise Valley 
School rating: A
Population: 14,215
Why you should move here: 
Paradise Valley offers the best of both worlds, with easy access to coffee shops, stores, and parks but maintaining a rural and scenic feel. The schools are highly rated, and there are lots of options for foodies. 

Name: Tempe 
School rating: B+
Population: 183,652
Why you should move here: 
Tempe offers affordable living and low unemployment rates. It is home to Arizona State University and bristling with life and culture. There are lots of places to shop, and Tempe hosts the annual music festival. Enjoy easy commutes, excellent schools, and an artistic vibe. 

Name: Gilbert
School rating: A
Population: 237,484
Why you should move here:  
For starters, Gilbert is gorgeous. They offer family-friendly activities and neighborhoods, top-rated schools, and lot’s to do for those embracing an active lifestyle. 

Name: Catalina Foothills 
School rating: A
Population: 50,426
Why you should move here: 
If you are considering a move to Tuscon, be sure to add Catalina Foothills to your list. Catalina Foothills is bustling with tasty eateries, upscale retail, and safe neighborhoods. 

Name: Flagstaff 
School rating: A
Population: 71,202
Why you should move here: 
If you love to live the mountain lifestyle, with rich forest, hiking, and a small-town feel, Flagstaff should be your home. Flagstaff is a diverse community with highly rated schools, tons of activities, and scenic views. 

Name: Chandler
School rating: A+
Population: 248,631
Why you should move here: 
Chandler is a family-friendly town that has highly rated schools and affordable housing. Whether you want to explore coffee shops, get outdoors in their beautiful parks, or enjoy their rich arts, Chandler has lot’s to offer. 

Name: Peoria 
School rating: A-
Population: 164,572
Why you should move here: 
Peoria is an affordable place to live in Arizona and has easy access to shops, eateries, and theaters. Peoria has low crime rates, a flourishing culture, and excellent schools. 

Name: Lake Havasu 
School rating: B-
Population: 53,952
Why you should move here: 
Lake Havasu has become a prime retirement city, with a small population and small-town feel. Lake Havasu is also a popular place to live for families with affordable housing and family-friendly activities. 

Name: Scottsdale
School rating: A
Population: 262,222
Why you should move here: Scottsdale is home to Old Town Scottsdale, filled with lively cafes and great restaurants. Nestled in the gorgeous McDowell Mountains, Scottsdale residents are just minutes away from outdoor activities such as hiking and golfing. Scottsdale is also home to beautiful resorts, spas, and golf courses.

Name: Prescott
School rating: B
Population: 44,128
Why you should move here: A historic Arizona town, Prescott is known for its lively bars and music venues. Residents have access to pioneer and indigenous peoples museums as well as hiking paths. Located in Northern Arizona, cool weather and beautiful nature are abundant.

Name: Glendale
School rating: A-
Population: 254,500
Why you should move here: Northwest of downtown Phoenix, Glendale is a family-friendly and beautiful suburb in Arizona. With highly rated school districts and access to shopping and restaurants, young families are flocking to this great neighborhood.

Name: Central Phoenix
School rating: A+
Population: 58,161
Why you should move here: Central Phoenix is the center of a young art scene with access to trendy restaurants and coffee shops. The city is conveniently located next to downtown Phoenix and offers easy access to International Sky Harbor Airport. It also houses some of the top preparatory schools. Residents are minutes from lively bars and historic music venues such as Crescent Ballroom.

Name: Sedona
School rating: B-
Population: 10,301
Why you should move here: Sedona is nestled in the heart of the Red Rocks, making it one of the most beautiful Arizona locations on this list. Hiking trails and nature paths are abundant, as well as Sedona’s famous Slide Rock. The town itself is unique, with gorgeous shops and restaurants within walking distance for its residents.

Name: Tucson
School rating: B
Population: 982,000
Why you should move here: Famous for being the home to the University of Arizona, Tucson has the unique blend of big-city and college-town feel. Locals have access to restaurants, college events, and beautiful hiking trails. Tucson has some of the best sunsets in the state!

Name: Catalina Foothills
School rating: A+
Population: 50,426
Why you should move here: One of the most affluent cities in Arizona, Catalina Foothills, includes beautiful resorts, spas, and golf courses. North of Tucson, this city boasts some of the highest-rated schools and neighborhoods. It also offers access to high-end shopping and restaurants.

Name: Goodyear
School rating: A+
Population: 87,897
Why you should move here: A gorgeous suburb of Phoenix, Goodyear is a growing city that offers a lot for families. With affordable housing with access to outlet malls and the Cardinals stadium, residents have plenty to do. A short drive from the White Tank Mountains, hiking and nature trails are very accessible!

Name: Mesa
School rating: B+
Population: 527,666
Why you should move here: A beautiful neighborhood in the East Valley, Mesa is a great place to raise a family. A variety of science and art museums are in Mesa, giving kids and families great opportunities to explore. The Mesa Arts Center offers plays and musical events for all ages. This is a great place to raise a family.

Name: Marana
School rating: B
Population: 50,055
Why you should move here: Northwest of Tucson, Marana is a beautiful, widespread city with access to Saguaro National Park West and historic Old Tucson. With lovely homes on large swaths of property, Marana is a great city for families looking for a more quiet residential location.

No matter where you decide to park your Uhaul, Arizona has lots to offer you, from a bustling art scene to snow-covered mountains.

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