About Joel

Joel was born and raised outside of Detroit, Michigan. He was raised around construction, his father had a passion for renovation as his family lived and renovated four houses on the same block during the course of his youth. His father had a custom home construction business and Joel began working on the job sites at a very young age of 14. He learned the fundamentals and principles that he still practices to this day, a very strong work ethic and a focus on every detail.

Joel left Michigan at eighteen years of age and moved to California to begin college in Sacramento. He moved back to Michigan after my sophomore year to finish school closer to home.  After he finished his education he started a construction company at the age of 23. He definitely had a learning curve at the beginning as he started a company with very little collateral and operated every phase of my business from accounting, marketing, estimating and then performing the work. He explains that he was blessed from those early challenges and as he evolved and became successful he would hire on a staff that would grow, and felt he had a very firm grasp on every phase of his company and had the proper skills to manage a successful business.

Joel moved to Arizona in 2008 and those were definitely turbulent times as the market was crashing. At that time there was no home building and he would shift his focus to working with investors who were buying homes to renovate for rentals or flips. He was hired on to a national construction company as their West Coast Construction Manager. He managed 12 contractors in 5 states and simultaneously would have up to 40 projects going on at one time. He enjoyed the fast pace environment but missed being an entrepreneur and after a year he opened his own Construction Company and worked directly with investors and headed their renovations. This is how he would go on to meet Martin, they respected another from the moment they began to work together. Martin had the values and principles that Joel felt mirrored his own and after two years of working together, they began a joint venture as Joel would handle Acquisitions and Construction management. It has been an enriching experience working with a person of integrity and working directly with people to find the best solution for our clients

Joel is happily married and now resides in Scottsdale, Arizona.