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2020 Home Trends And Helpful Tips To Sell Your Own Home

Martin Boonzaayer

August 24, 2020

We interviewed Cristin, a designer for The Trusted Home Buyer, to get her thoughts on 2020 home trends and even helpful tips to sell your own home. 

2020 Home Trends And Helpful Tips To Sell Your Own Home

Who are you?

I am a believer, daughter, and mompreneur. I am a leader. I am passionate and have the drive to help people. I enjoy creating solutions. I love to design pretty spaces and houses. 

What is your business?

My business is a full-service concierge company for the real estate and construction industry. I offer services to help with many different home projects, including remodels, flips, and vacation rentals.

2020 Home Trends And Helpful Tips To Sell Your Own Home

What do you do for The Trusted Home Buyer?

I mainly help with the design and selection decisions for their flips. I really enjoy going into a house and seeing its potential. From concept to completion, I enjoy every facet.

What home trends are you seeing for 2020?

We have been stuck in a gray and white design world for a long time now. Although a white kitchen will always be classic, I see that blue is taking over for gray. And flooring is turning a bit warmer with people choosing lighter browns. Some even have gray streaks in them, which makes them very neutral for all other color choices. 

2020 Home Trends And Helpful Tips To Sell Your Own Home

How do you pick different colors for flooring and counters?

Selecting anything for a house begins with an initial walkthrough. If I am working with a client, it is a different process than if I get to choose. This happens when I work with individual investors, and they want me to make all decisions, so they don't have to. If it's for a client who will be living in the house, I consider what is trending and what their style is. 

What are some of your favorite projects you have worked on?

I have so many! One of my all-time favorites was a whole home remodel that I did for a single mom. She wanted to make her house a home for her and her boys. First, I helped her empty the entire house! There was a lot to sort through and get rid of. Then, it was onto the remodel and next finally putting back some of what she had and a lot of new. Every room was redone. It was very special to help her accomplish this.

2020 Home Trends And Helpful Tips To Sell Your Own Home

What are the easiest DIY’s in home renovations?

This really depends on someone's level of handiness. I mean, I have known those that struggle with hanging photos on the wall. However, even the most novice of DIYer should be able to do interior painting, put up self stick wallpaper or backsplash, refinish a piece of furniture, and install some wall molding or shiplap. These are all easy to achieve with little to no experience and tools.

Why should someone hire a designer?

Hiring a professional designer means that you're gaining the experience and expertise that you don't have. They will be able to provide answers to your questions and solutions to your problems. This also means the right contacts are needed for your project.

What home trend do you want to see gone forever?

Here in Arizona, I see house after house filled with 50 shades of brown tile and cabinets everywhere. I don't ever want this trend to be popular again!

What are the smallest interior changes you can make for the most significant impact?

Painting interior walls one neutral color will help your home look bigger and more open. If you have an island, paint it a different color than the rest of the cabinets. If not, paint the lowers one color and the uppers another. New cabinet hardware will also make a difference. Add a variety of colorful pillows to your couch. This is an easy way to create a color difference.

2020 Home Trends And Helpful Tips To Sell Your Own Home

Where do you see interior design moving in the future? 

With the advancement of technology, I see more and more options for being able to be offered online. From virtual reality to more 2 and 3D designs, it will continue to evolve and be more convenient and easy for homeowners to make decisions. 

Top three tips for staging your home for sale 

Declutter, declutter, declutter. The more you can make your home look like a model home, the better. Start packing up and preparing for your move.

Put away everything personal. This includes all family photos. All personal items are a potential distraction to a buyer. They need to envision themselves in the house, not your family.

Add some greenery and make sure all rooms are lit nicely. Plants add a look of life while light makes space go from drab to fab quite quickly.

Any other thoughts or information you want to add? 

I know that remodeling a home can be very overwhelming at times. Do your best to not stress about the little details. Remember that there will be a great deal of mess and not so pretty during construction. This is normal. Hire professionals who make you feel confident using them and trust in the process. So many finishing touches come together right at the very end. It's wonderful!

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